We would like to introduce to you…Tracina’s Gourmet Specialties:


There’s just no doubt about it; we make the absolute best gnocchi and pasta available anywhere, with the best of the best ingredients.  Our products not only taste delicious, they are ready to savor in just 2 minutes.

The ricotta cheese we choose to use contains only whole milk, whey, vinegar and salt.  **There is NO junk in any of our stuff!** All our flavored gnocchi’s are made with ricotta cheese, (No potato).  Our potato and sweet potato varieties have no ricotta in them.


OUR PHILOSOPHY:  We feel it is important to be environmentally aware and leave the smallest footprint possible on our planet.

We purchase all our products locally, (when humanly possible), and have a great relationship with numerous Michigan farmers.  We utilize both Organic farmers and growers that do not use any chemicals on their land.  Only Yukon Gold potatoes are used for our potato gnocchi and we peel each one by hand.  We use farm fresh eggs and recycle the shells and all our potato skins with our farmer friends.


Our warehouse and all the equipment in it is cleaned with environmentally safe, natural products and essential oils.  Our company maintains the highest standards, which has been evidenced by an extremely high rating with the Dept. of Agriculture, who put us in their top 1% of exemplary kitchens.


We are proud of our commitment to delicious foods and choose only the freshest ingredients.  We are also committed to a healthier approach to eating and in doing so, collaborate and support Michigan farmers.  We feel that the local farmers markets are the perfect venue to showcase our products while advocating for a healthier lifestyle.


We very much look forward to working with you!

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